About Us

McCoy Audio Systems is a full service audio provider, owned and operated by engineer Brian McCoy. We offer Concert Production, Equipment Rentals, Theatrical Sound Reinforcement, Corporate Sound Reinforcement, Live Multitrack Recording, Audio Consulting and Tour Support. As a company, our mission is to remove all technical boundaries for our clients. Through our knowledge and dedication to our craft we look to help artists, artistic directors, promoters and event organizers in realizing their artistic vision. We proudly serve Boston, all of New England as well as the greater Philadelphia area.

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Theatrical Sound Reinforcement

At McCoy Audio Systems we have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements for theatrical sound reinforcement, from the equipment and reinforcement techniques to the interaction with sound designers, artistic directors and operators. We offer: •Wireless microphone elements • Wireless transmitters and receivers • SFX playback systems • Unique Monitoring solutions for pit orchestras • Fill / SFX speakers • Complete Reinforcement Systems • Engineering